• He who wonders learns to marvel.

We develop web products that make people marvel. Our creations are set apart by innovation and the joy of discovery.

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Let us discover the world anew.

Simplicity Achieved

Flexible and intuitive, clear and simple. We work meticulously on web apps and websites that allow space for that which is essential: wonder.

We Are People-Friendly

Whether working as a team, collaborating with customers and suppliers or developing products for users: for us, it’s all about people. Having an open and appreciative approach is important to us.

Smart is Strong

Smart web products are easy as pie to use, and their details and features are surprising. Our strength comes from that which is smart.

Marveling Makes Us Better

We discover the online world anew every day. We’re bang up to date and brimming with ideas for our next web project. Only those who amaze themselves can amaze others.

The Web is our element, and curiosity our driving force.

Wolfgang Fliri

His culinary skill brings people together at the table. He works in the kitchen just as happily as in the football stadium. A communication expert and numbers juggler. He moves through databases like a fish in water.

Markus Aurich

A notorious querist, with boundless energy reserves, and a passionate cryptographer. He divides his life between Berlin hipsters and South Tyrolean vintners, and he himself is somewhere in between. He prefers good beer to bad wine.

Benedikt Kofler

An internet ace with a razor-sharp feeling for technical details. He’s always on the ball, and has the patience of a saint. A passionate drummer who is never out of step.

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Via Scuderie 8
I-39012 Merano

+39 0473 427470


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